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Refund Policies

Full refund

Only when the customer has pre-paid for onsite service and later cancels it six hours before to the planned visit or if the customer has not accepted the onsite tech visit call the same day is a full refund allowed.
If the technician doesn't show up as scheduled, denies service, there are no parts available, it's bad weather, etc., a full refund will be given if requested.


Partial refund:-


For onsite services only, we have a 15-day refund policy if we were unable to fix the problem after the tech visit.
If a problem that has been fixed returns within 15 days and its root cause is found to not be the user's fault, we will either send a technician back to your location or, if practical, try to address the issue in some other way. You will receive a partial refund equal to 50% of the onsite service price for the time spent addressing the issue if we are unable to identify the issue or provide a solution.

Any new issue that appears within 15 days or later will not be eligible for a refund. Nonetheless, XFN CABLE

Please note:-

Sometimes, due to unforeseen factors, a problem may take longer than anticipated to fix. We anticipate the client giving us extra time to complete. Depending on how much time we have already invested, XFN Cable may refuse to offer a full or partial refund if the customer requests discontinuing the onsite work in the middle for any reason.
If you're not happy with the support, speak with the support desk privately. We will do our utmost to address the issue, but if a refund is requested, we may, based on the circumstances and the service and work provided during earlier instances, provide a full or partial refund.

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